Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The Definition Of Insanity.

Ever read a Murakami novel? I'm in one. I promise-everything is there but at the same time it's just in the back of my head. In the gap between "College" and "University" people my age enjoy a very long summer break from the beginning of May, June or July (when their exams end) until they start studying in September or October.  A fairly long time ago when I finished my GCSEs, my parents shipped my off to Egypt with them. I'd lie there, white as Nick Griffin's ghost, thumbing through paperbacks whilst a nauseating impacting niggle stabbed at the back of my head. It was of course the realisation that I'd gone an hour without opening a text book which was swiftly countered by the realisation I had no more exams for the next two years ish.

Walking down a shit street in shit weather to my friend's house and beaming to myself after my final A-level exam I realised the exact same thing was beginning to occur. The question was or rather is, what do I do with my time? So like the man off the Far Cry 3 demo says I make like a protagonist in a Murakami novel and loaf around, humdrum, vaguely sexually inclined and passive. Over and over again.

I suppose this offers up opportunities to write more on this blog and possibly take request to do reviews. This is something I would be interested in doing within certain time constraints though. With that, I look towards the next bit of news or discussion and to some more followers-tell your friends! Get them to tell their friends! Over and over and over



  1. i'm in that 'gap' as we speak.
    like your blog, following

  2. I'm feeling some of that too.

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  4. Glad for the sympathisers haha. I intend on updating this one at later times; I'm spending an increasing amount of this summer abroad it seems.