Monday, 6 June 2011

A follow up.

The local news program for my area just issued a follow up report on Panorama's investigation into Winterbourne View. The action taken by the authorities as reported by Panorama was to suspend a number of the staff who had the most camera time and the CQC watchdog organisation for care homes suggested the implementation of a new service to malpractice "whistle blowers". Just now an edition of my local news program reported that the local council has given no word on the matter, refusing interview. Interestingly the minister of care in a short interview managed to relegate the blame to the caregivers who, as the original documentary revealed were just a bunch of bored sociopathic idiots. This shift away from the authorities seems to me to represent  a shift a way from the consequence of law I discussed.

It seems that post was quite popular and it was unnerving to hear such nice feedback. I'll always try to do news and issue related posts though I fear I'll have to hark back to the usual vidya dominated content with an e3 round up.

You can find the Panorama edition on the BBC Iplayer.


  1. Wow that's crazy why did cops get involved in that?

  2. Pending whether or not charges were pressed they interpreted the abuse in the home as assault in a couple of cases.

  3. Just realized its new friends.

  4. I think they have done in individual case.

    Come again?