Friday, 27 May 2011

Evidently Chickentown

I can't think of a way to relate my time in compulsory education and A-level study to a known bit of fictional media. I can't really speculate either because of each persons unique experience... I think. None the less, I finished my school career today. I wondered when I was a little boy what the day would be like or really, what myself and the world I lived in would be like seeing as it was reasonable to believe that everything I knew would change because I was a stupid little shit.

Anyway, I thought it a bizarre coincidence (if not a subconscious bout of emotional reflection shittery) that the thing I speculated on was something that even /v/ unanimously rates: A Battle Royale videogame. I'm intrigued to know if anyone has ever come close to completing such a project and the technology behind it. The thing that's most often discussed when this topic comes up is of course that of the mechanics-how would you capture the idiosyncratic rules of the fictional game and place them in actual gameplay? Or at least which elements would you capture? Would a condemned style fps with only forty enemies that looks like a cross between ep2 and Far Cry work? If not, how should it be done? I would honestly prefer not to rush in without considered suggestion to this but there's know denying it's an incredible concept. If I ever stumble upon the software that would let me come close to such a clandestine effort of mod-making , I'll be sure to let people how are better than me at this know-maybe they can actually make the game.

This is the sort of thing that I'll be able to look in to with the free time on my hands, although I do  still have exams to be working on. Also, yes as one or two of my colleagues have poked at- I think that this may be the best way to release Liberate. I can do it as I intended, a few chapters at a time quite regularly but I have to look into the matter of basic copywriting at least.

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