Tuesday, 31 May 2011


One on my favorite ever films is Men In Black. At the time that I first saw it, I was beginning to take a genuine interest in just a few of the things that make up our world, when all of a sudden this picture showed me-with style- that there was so much more. I find myself writing about three specific areas for films I study and they're all shit-even the one about fight club. I would have to argue that rather than chin stroking the male aspect in Fight-Club and lazily  surmising that anyone who has picked up a bit of Nietchze will be able to master it, instead deduct that actually picking up the damn book would be better than hipster speculation. I'll write more about Fight-Club when I can; films in general will likely become as much a staple of this blog as the vidya when University rears it's head.

Fight Club and Men In Black had the same intentions with the spectacles they presented-an introduction to a world just beneath ours that's filmed in a manner to visually reflected. However fortunately, you don't see anyone picking apart Men In Black and looking for  misogyny or whatever bollocks they can think of-it's a visual medium.

In the same light of fondly remembered pieces of fictional media I revisited two video games: Vanquish and Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. The latter of which I will be saving as part of a retrospective in which I hopefully can compare it to the dominating Yakuza series. I am also thinking of introducing weekly or bi- weekly reviews, perhaps one for vidya and film on a week A and one for literature and music on a week B. Hopefully June's postings are something to look forward to. Your homework assignment is to go out and purchase a used copy of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, honestly it's less than a fiver.

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