Sunday, 26 June 2011


I've actually managed to find some things to talk about. They don't even have that much to do with me pissing and moaning about finally being free of the UK education system. Like a great improvising comedian, I shall start with the news. A story was brought to my attention recently, of a woman who had supposedly killed her son over the destruction of their television by that most stupid of methods, the wii mote. We've all assuredly seen the youtube videos right?

On the subject of rage and games, I see a morbid role reversal; how much of a torment and tribulation must this plastic flailing have been to warrant this? However, if this mother is insane, then where is the line drawn? Is it ok to slap a youngling over a corrupted hard drive? To disown the spirit of your loins over a late rental return? I'm making assumptions here but this bitch should have been grateful that she didn't have to do more parenting as she was no doubt using the wii as a placation of her neglected child. On at least some level anyway.


Speaking of the equation of love with money, Team Fortress 2 is now free but come on, some of us are very late to this shindig indeed. I honestly don't know about class combos or hats-not enough to curtail the greifing of the... oldfags. Valve's fanbase is nothing if not bizarre: hey now, who the fuck plays Gmod for hundreds of hours? I know, I know, it's the lack of new IPs but that seems to be the case globally. In fact, I think that Mortal Kombat is still the most recent game in my collection.

Finally, Australia will soon have a censored internet service from four significantly large suppliers. This one I want to come back to, especially seeing as I have the means to do so whilst being a prissy arse about government. I suppose this is what I have to do with all this tiem on my hands.


  1. Australia getting their internet censored? That's some nice dictatorship they've got going there.

  2. Awesome, awesome blog. Loved the Murakami-post in particular. Will follow.

  3. Thanks man, it's appreciated. I intend to write more about the Australian internet censorship. I have actually been busy for once though.